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Grand Launch of Seagate Enterprise SATA and SSD drives in Delhi

Delhi:22nd December 2017

Seagate which is #1 in Disk Business Globally did a Grand Launch of their Enterprise Drives in Delhi with System Integrators and Enterprise Partners from Delhi NCR. This Event was done with KCIS INDIA which is distributor for Enetrprise class Storage Infortrend and Seagate for INDIA. KCIS INDIA and their Enterprise Partners learned multiple new features about Enterprise drives, Seagate has lots of Enterprise feature which makes these drives Robust and having 5 years Warranty. Seagate confirmed that Work Load for these drives is 560TB/per Year and MTBF, Tourge and many other thing are much superior in comparision to Competition.

Seagate also confirmed that in few Drives they are giving Rescue Feature for 2 year , where if any thing happen to Data than Seagate will recover data for Customers free of cost.
Seagate also confimed that with KCIS INDIA they will give additinal support for Enterprise class Partners.Partners were amazed with Entertainment and by getting Lots of gifts from Seagate.

KCIS INDIA also shared enetrprise class features from Infortrend Storage Products and added that Partners are their Strength and they are winning and loosing with Partners. also added – We are Value added distributor and providing PreSales and Post Sales Support for Partners.

More than 75 Partners joined in this Product Launch.

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